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Introduction to Marma Point Therapy- Indian Accupressure *Early Bird Special

The Energy Points of Yoga & Ayurveda
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Product Details

Introduction to Marma Therapy: Indian Accupressure with Lydia Rega Adv Dip Ayurveda

4 Week Interactive Course delivered over weekly Zoom lectures with corresponding pdf learning guides. Each lecture is accompanied with a multiple-choice quiz to apply your weekly learnings.

Starts Tues Sept 10th 2024 then Weekly on Tuesdays- last lecture is on 1st October

Marma is an important component of the science of life, Ayurveda. Gaining an understanding of Marma therapy strengthens our Prana or vital energy for health, well being & personal transformation. As Marmas are connected to the Chakras and nadis of Yoga they can be used for balancing both body and mind.

You will gain essential wisdom for your own health journey and offers greater healing understanding for Yoga Teachers, Energy Healers & Massage Therapists.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course covers the essential principles of Marma Therapy, the significance of the Marma points, their locations, and their impact on the mind, body, and spirit. You will also learn about the tools and techniques used to stimulate these points for healing, rejuvenation, and prevention of diseases.

Course Structure:

All Lectures are compulsory, this is an interactive course, with question time & tasks set. Weekly quizzes must be attempted to complete course & be rewarded with a Certificate of completion

You will require an additional 2 hours set aside weekly to review course material & complete quizzes.

Course Prerequisite- Completion of our "Become an Ayurvedic Wellness Ambassador" Course

or completion of alternate Ayurvedic studies

This course is limited to online class room of 10 Students.

Course Syllabus Below:

Energetic Definition of Marma

Composition of Marmas

Agni " Digestive energy" & Marma

Marma therapy & Doshas

Marma points & the Sub Doshas

Marma relation to seven tissues, waste (malas) & the Channel Systems (Srotas)

Therapeuctic understanding of Main Marma Regions:

Arms & Legs

Abodmen & Chest

Hips & Back

Neck & Head

Marmas, Chakra & the Nadis

Marma & Asana practice Pratyahara & Pranayama

Marmas & Colour Therapy

Marmas & Gem Therapy

Symptoms of injury or excess doshas to Marma

Massage & Energy Method of Marma Therapy

Marmas and their treatment pathways

Conditions of enrollment:

This course requires students to log in live to all 4 Zoom lectures on Thursday nights. Lectures will not be recorded.

Refund Policy- a full refund will be sent in full if you send a written request for a refund within 15 days of your purchase/enrolment date. Refund requests after this date will not result in a refund.

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