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Suhka Full Day Retreat for 1 guest- PORT Elliot

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Sukha (Sanskrit: सुख) means happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss, in Sanskrit and Pali.

Join us for 6 hours of pure bliss.

Our private full day retreat includes-

Exclusive access to our studio our full day retreat includes:

Morning Outdoor 1:1 Aerial Yoga Class

Prepared Ayurvedic Breakfast sand 2 course lunch

Goddess Facial and Indian Head Massage

Full body Abyanga Massage

Swedana Steam Sauna

Pinda Sweda- Full body Herbal Bolus Massage

Afternoon 1:1 Vedic Yoga & Meditation Class

Designed by Lydia Rega-Ayurvedic Practitioner, we commence with a private 45 min Anti- Gravity Yoga class in a silk hammock overlooking our serenity garden. (weather dependent)

Followed by an Ayurvedic Seasonal Breakfast, specifically designed for your seasonal dosha imbalances.

Your first combined treatments are our popular Ayurvedic Goddess Facial & Indian Head Massage, utilising dosha specific AWE Cosmeceuticals & bronze Kansa Wand.

Continued with a Full Body 60min Abyanga Massage to holistically revitalize & relax the mind-body constitution, with oils specifically designed for your dosha imbalances.

Concluding with a Swedana Herbal Steam in our custom made Shanti Steam box sauna.

Followed by a Ayurvedic lunch of cleansing Kichadi , dosha specific herbal tea & handmade sweet, whilst seated in our private day studio overlooking our peaceful serenity garden.

Then we encourage rest in our Day bed positioned in sunlight overlooking our serenity garden or gentle walk to Boomers Beach, just over 5 mins away.

We continue with Full body Pinda Sweda- Herbal bolus massage, where your Practitioner massages warm medicated herbal bags called boluses dipped in organic oil.

The hand made linen boluses are filled with a combination of anti inflammatory herbs then tied into a small bags which are then dipped in warm herbal oils and massaged across the body.

Pinda Sweda is a traditional therapeutic treatment which has a wide array of benefits including:

– Promoting blood circulation

– Improving lymphatic drainage

– Soothing nerves & relaxing muscles

– Improving skin texture

– Reducing overall pain, swelling and stiffness

– Removing metabolic wastes

– Releasing stress & anxiety

– Inducing better sleep

– Bringing complete relaxation to the body as well as the mind.

We then return for an afternoon 45 min Vedic Yoga & Meditation Class, concluding with Ayurvedic tea & treats.

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