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Surrender SPA- Half Day

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Our gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of purchase.

Our Surrender Spa is designed to connect you with mother natures divine elements by promoting calm and nourishment to a weakened nervous system: promoting complete rejuevenation to your active mind, body & soul.

This Half Day Package includes:  hosted by Ayurvedic Practitioner & Tantra Yogi Lydia Rega 

¤ Breathwork (Pranayana) & Meditation Session with sound bowl therapy (45mins) 

¤ Ayurvedic signature treatment "Shirodhara" followed by full body Abyanga Massage with heated herbal oils & marma point therapy

¤ Copper Gua Sha Facial with Awe Cosmecticuals Skincare 

¤ Steam Bath- "Swedana" infused with Ayurvedic Aromtherapy essential oils

¤ Ayurvedic Lunch- Plant based seasonal lunch with local organic produce:  enjoyed in our private day studio overlooking our serenity garden. 


The word Shirodhara originates from two Sanskrit words, shiro (head) and dhara (flow). 

It is a form of treatment in which warm, herbal Ayurvedic oil is poured onto your forehead.

Initially, the herbal oil is streamed in dosha-specific patterns from the right to left temple.

After several minutes, the stream is set to the middle of the forehead where it flows continuously for the duration of the treatment.

The oil pour lasts approximately 30 minutes and is preceded by full body abhyanga massage, both of which include cranial and scalp marma point manipulation. 

Abyanga massage stimulates blood circulation encouraging quick removal of metabolic wastes and providing instant relief and enhances energy and stamina.

This full body massage includes Copper Gua Sha facial & marma point massage.

Treatments concludes with Steam Bath "Swedana" in our custom made Shanti Steam box where your head sits outside of the Shanti Steam Box, so your not breathing in hot air. 

Concluding with Lunch in our day studio ♡  

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