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YOGAVEDA- Summer Womens Health Retreat ¤ Aldinga Beach Sat Dec 9th

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Summer Womens Health Retreat

Saturday 9th Dec 9th @ Shibumi Aldinga Beach. 9am-3.30pm 

Escape for an inspiring day filled with nourishment, rejuvenation & ancient wisdom.

Hosted by Lydia Rega- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Teacher and Amanda Cleland Reiki Master & Energy Healer

¤ Shibumi Beach House is a private address, ticket holders will recieve address location.

Approaching the warmer months brings anticipation to chase sun soaked days filled with the abundance of high vibrational energy igniting our adventurous spirit to shine.

As each season comes and goes with its own distinct personality, depending on your constitution and/or health concerns, the warmer months may increase your internal sense of harmony, or it may aggravate one of your innate tendencies.

At this YOGAVEDA Retreat we connect with the ancient Indian medical system- Ayurveda- and its philosophy of the Pancha bhootas- natures five elements for enhancing holistic health of the physical & subtle body.

Across the day you will gain valuable life enhancing knowledge which is vital nourishment for the longevity of life and the prevention of common diseases in women.

Our full day Program includes a variety of classes, demonstrations and a delicious long table lunch- held across Shibumi Beach House- ocean side balcony, lanscaped outdoor courtyard & indoor studio. 

¤ Acknowledgment to country & smoking ceremony

We acknowledge the Ngaltingga People as the first people & protectors of this land.

- Recital of mantra & cleansing sage smoking ceremony

¤  Chakra Meditation with Amanda Cleland

Immerse in the ancient energy practice of Chakra meditation for a  transformative experience that helps individuals connect with their inner selves, heal emotional wounds, and cultivate self-love. Through this meditation you will be introduced to energy healing techniques, as participants explore their emotions, release blockages, and gain insights into their healing journey.  The class fosters a sense of wellbeing and provides practical tools for continued growth and living a heart-centered life.

- includes an offering of post meditation sacred cacao drink 

¤ Ayurvedic Self Care Rituals Workshop with Lydia Rega

Harnessing the benefits of seasonal Self Care rituals to enhance your physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing

During this workshop you will be taught & understand the benefits of Ayurvedic Daily Dithachara -

¤ 7 step ritual- to perform morningor evening - to promote removal of waste and bring clarity & harmony

¤ Learn how to practice Pranyama- Breathwork exercises to enhance mental clarity & bring calm- promoting energy. 

¤ How to Self Abyanga massage- using Marma point therapy to heal common ailments

¤ How to make a Ayurvedic Body Scrub- using common spices; to naturally exfloiate your major organ- skin

¤ Make your own Dosha specfic body massage oil- using Ayurvedic herbal & essesntail oils

¤ Ayurvedic Satvic Long table Lunch 

Enjoy an ancient offering of a cleansing ayurvedic plant based meal sourced from summer balancing seeds, spices & vegeables that reflect the principles of Ayurveda. Featuring Produce from Beach Organics Farm. 

* Guest Food allergies can be catered for but due to the use of Ayurvedic staple ghee, sorry but we can't cater for vegans.

¤ Learn how to prepare Remedies & Tonics for Womens Health

Lydia will demonstrate how to pre-pare easy to make tonics and key remedies for common ailments- such as;

headaches, hives, lethargy, pms, period pain, upset stomach, brain fog

+ Plus all participants will receive the new edition of our eBook that features;

  • Easy to create Ayurvedic recipes- for breakfast lunch & dinners
  • Seasonal remedies for common ailments
  • Marma point face map for guided self-massage
  • Step-by-Step guide for the daily morning ritual

Conditions of booking

This retreat is for Women only and is limited to 10 guests & has a minimum age requirement of 16 years & over.

We can cater for allergies- but can't cater for vegans due to Ghee being an essentail indgredient of Ayurvedic remedies and recipes.

We must be informed of all ticket holder food allergy information no later than 96 hours notice (4 days) prior to event start time.

All food prepared is vegetarian and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted during the event.

Conditions of Sale & cancellation policy

We require all ticket holders to contact us no less than (10 days) prior to the event start time to receive a full refund of the purchase price. Refunds will not be issued if cancellation is received after this period of notice prior to the event-

Event Postponement due to Government restrictions

In the unlikely case of the workshop not being able to operate due to SA Government restrictions, the workshop will be postponed and all ticket holders will be contacted with the rescheduled date and tickets will be transferred to the new date held at the same venue. Please note refunds will not be issued.

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