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Large- Smudge wand & Smudge Stick

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Product Details
Exclusive to our online shop,  Intuitive South Australian Artist Bec Peters uniquely hand crafted Smudge Wands paired with her Lavender & Rosemary Smudging sticks. Each smudge wand is a stunning work of art, a holistic treasure to own and use practically throughout your healing journey.

Each individual designed smudging wands are thoughtfully created from sustainable foraged feathers & wood, featuring delicate crafted details such as healing crystals and sea shells. 
This piece features the healing crystal amethyst.  

Enhance the efficiency of your smudging practice by waving your smudge wand as the cleansing herbal smoke circulates throughout your home or workspace.  

Smudging is an ancient art that is believed to have been practiced by the Vedas, the sacred founders of Ayurveda.

The smoke that’s emitted from the herb bundle cleanses negative energy and purify living spaces, as well as people and even objects like tools, furniture, and home decor.

Similar to one washing their hands before a meal, it helps to cleanse a person in an energetic bath of aromatic smoke.

Lavender:  Restores emotional balance . Cleanses and creates a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. Lavender also attracts loving energy and angelic beings.

Rosemary  aids in purifying vibrations , it helps drive away negative energy and creates an emotional uplifting environment. 

Includes 40cm long Smudge Wand & 20cm long Smudge stick. * approx sizes. 

Price includes postage with tracking & delivery within Australia 
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