Our Yoga & Meditation classes are

 taught by Lydia Rega, an Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Our classes are available for our patients and multiple class pass holders only,

as classes are limited to 6 students. 






Classes are 60min in length and are held in our private studio which overlooks our serenity garden.

Multiple class passes are

$75 for 6 classes & $120 for 12 classes.

Timetable- Tuesday 7am, Wednesday & Thursday 5pm, Saturday 7am.

(closed on public holidays)


Vedic Yoga means to unite, coordinate, harmonise, work,

or transform the mind-body connection and has a similar practice to hatha & yin yoga.


Ayurveda is the oldest form of mind-body science, and Vedic yoga is a philosophy of Ayurveda.

Its foundation dates back to India over 5000 years ago and its known to be the science of yoga. 

“Vedic Yoga” is the oldest form of yoga and its approach is based upon the Vedas, but it is a broad term,

as vast as the Vedas and can refer to any sincere yogic application of the Vedic mantras and music.

We also offer Private Online Yoga Classes for 1:1 guidance & mentoring Click here.