Plant based

Cooking Masterclass

Learn the ancient science of Ayurveda

Understand how food is your best medicine to support a healthier lifestyle.

Join us for our popular Cooking Masterclass hosted by Lydia Rega,

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach & co-founder of Port Elliot Wellness.

This Masterclass educates about the oldest form of plant based medicine and the Mother of Medicine, Ayurveda- and how to increase cleansing plant based foods in your daily diet, to enhance your immune system and over well-being. 

Next Masterclass is at Urban Wellness Studio

 on Saturday 8th August 1.30-4.30pm

Tickets $70 

Ayurvedic Cooking

The principles of Ayurvedic cooking is based on a knowledge dating back to at least 10,000 years ago, integrating health, nutrition, wellness and balance between mind, body. It is the only holistic healthy eating and cooking approach that considers eating according to your body type.

Ayurvedic Cooking emphasises correct food combining, offers explanations on why certain foods are incompatible, causing common health issues. Applying this ancient knowledge can immediately bring changes to overall health and wellbeing. This holistic cooking introduces you to the fascinating world of life enhancing plant based foods and how to apply basic principles to your kitchen, tailoring health benefits that are customised to optimise healing and boost energy rapidly.

With this knowledge you can start a journey on becoming a holistic healer, improving the health of yourself and your loved ones. 

Each participant will be asked to complete a short online questionnaire before attending the class to determine their individual Ayurvedic constitution or as it called "Dosha".


The workshop outline includes:

  • Introduction to understanding blends of foods for your constitution, enhancing your well being for mindful eating.

  • Cooking demonstrations PLUS enjoy tastings of all Ayurvedic dishes

  • Recommended seasonal ingredients; knowledge of spices, seeds, legumes, leaves, roots - to promote better health and correct digestive imbalances.

  • All students receive digital PFD copies of all recipes taught 

  • Receive Special offers on our Online Store Ayurvedic Products. 

A message from Lydia

"I'm passionate about educating that food is your best medicine and understanding how best to include a diverse range of plant based ingredients, packed full of energy from the sun, will improve your overall health and well-being. 


The Ayurvedic way of cooking introduces you to the fascinating world of this ancient medicine and to a diverse range of healing spices, seeds, leaves, roots and grains, inspiring you how to creatively use them in your cooking to derive all the health benefits for you and your family."

- Lydia Rega

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach 

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