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Study with our co-founder & Ayurvedic Practitioner Lydia Rega 

 Courses to inspire your career in holistic healing

Ayurvedic Wellness Ambassador- Online Course

Ayurvedic Wellness Ambassador- Online Study

Shirodhara Training- Online & Face to face

Shirodhara Training- Online & Face to Face Study


Learn Ayurvedic Massage Online & Face to Face Study

Why study Ayurveda?

The purpose of Ayurveda as a science is to help preserve the health of a healthy person, as well as discover and eradicate the root of disease of an unhealthy person. It deals with the scope of life in a holistic way by looking into imbalances, pain and disease as a conjunction of three main components: mind, body and the spirit. In Australia Ayurveda is currently being practiced as a natural therapy system, and our role is to make this knowledge available to you.  

Course features;

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Fundamentals of Ayurveda

Introduction to history & philosophy of the science of life and what its purpose is within the modern world

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Learning Guides

All students receive downloadable PFD copies of all modules taught with learning aids and recommended readings

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Online Lectures

All lectures are held across Zoom are interactive and offer students 24/7 access

to recorded lectures

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