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Balance & Transform your health with Ayurveda

           Ayurvedic Workshops to inspire positive health


Learn how to practice 
the ancient medicine of Ayurveda

the science of life'

Join Ayurvedic Practitioner, Lydia Rega for either an inspiring courses in Ayurveda

or join us for a variety of Retreats & workshops and learn

how to balance & transform your health.






​What to expect during our workshops;

  • We will discuss the key connections of the four pillars of Ayurveda- Lifestyle, Food, Sleep & Energy Management and how balancing these supports are vital for the longevity of life and the prevention of all disease.

  • We demonstrate adaptive lifestyle practices- including:

    • Breathing & movement exercises for the current season

    • Ayurvedic remedies and appealing recipes for preserving seasonal health

    • Tools to become an inspired self-healer, encompassing your true self

    • Rituals and self-care practices from the science of life to help care for mind, body and spirit


Our Ayurveda workshops includes our popular soulful cooking lesson and tastings- where you are seated across a long table, tasting delicious plant-based meals, drinks and seasonal remedies.

+ All participants receive the updated edition of our eCook Book and one page advice sheets which includes:

  • Easy to create Ayurvedic recipes- for breakfast lunch & dinner

  • Seasonal remedies for common ailments

  • Marma point body map for guided self-massage-

  • Step-by-Step guide for the seasonal morning ritual.

After this workshop, you will walk away with essential knowledge for life. 

  • Introduction to Ayurveda, the ancient science of life:

    • What are the three doshas and how they relate to the five universal elements and your health

    • The importance of Agni (digestive fire)

    • The main causes of disease according to Ayurveda

  • Introduction to our mental and emotional energies – The trigunas. You will learn the ideas behind mental health according to Ayurveda and how the Trigunas affect your ability to learn, retain and recall memories.

  • How to protect your immunity and boost energy for the current season. You will walk away with a sesaonal Ayurvedic Morning Routine with key 8 steps you can follow to improve longevity and health in life.

  • Self-care techniques

    • How to self-massage marma points to release toxins, also outlining which essential oils are seasonally best.

    • How to perform optimal seasonal breathing exercises & advice on movement

  • Remedies and cooking methods for the current season and the importance of the 6 tastes and high-quality Sattvic foods.

Introduction to Ayurveda

The purpose of Ayurveda as a science is to help preserve the health of a healthy person, as well as discover and eradicate the root of disease of an unhealthy person. It deals with the scope of life in a holistic way by looking into imbalances, pain and disease as a conjunction of three main components: mind, body and the spirit. In Australia Ayurveda is currently being practiced as a natural therapy system, and our role is to make this knowledge available to you.  

Workshop outline includes:

Port elliot cooking-03.png

Introduction to Ayurveda

Port elliot cooking-04.png

Food demo

Port elliot cooking-05.png

Seasonal approach

Introduction to understanding blends of foods for your constitution, enhancing your well being for mindful eating.

Cooking demonstrations PLUS enjoy tastings of all Ayurvedic dishes

Recommended seasonal ingredients; knowledge of spices, seeds, legumes, leaves, roots - to promote better health and correct digestive imbalances.

Port elliot cooking-02.png
Port elliot cooking-06.png

Recipe eBook

Special offers

All students receive digital PFD copies of all recipes taught 

​Receive Special offers on our Day Spa Therapies & Ayurvedic Products. 

A message from Lydia

"I'm passionate about educating that food is your best medicine and understanding how best to include a diverse range of plant based ingredients, packed full of energy from the sun, will improve your overall health and well-being. 


The Ayurvedic way of cooking introduces you to the fascinating world of this ancient medicine and to a diverse range of healing spices, seeds, leaves, roots and grains, inspiring you how to creatively use them in your cooking to derive all the health benefits for you and your family."

- Lydia Rega

Ayurvedic Practitoner 

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