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Spring Immersion

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Performed by our Ayurvedic Practitioner & tailored to each patients needs, this traditional massage treatment harnesses the ancient healing power of Ayurveda.

Traditional Ayurvedic massage stimulates blood circulation encouraging quick removal of metabolic wastes and providing instant relief to diseases and energy and stamina to last throughout the day. 

This deep tissue massage is suitable for everyone and can assist with revitalising immune systems, increasing energy & vitality, assists with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, muscle strains or sprains or bulging disks injuries. 

This treatment packages includes:

Indian Head & Scalp Massage- 

enjoy a relaxing Indian Head & Scalp massage focusing on the 37 marma points located in the crown, neck, face, shoulders & arms. This massage allows your nervous system to surrender, starting the journey towards deep relaxation.

Full body heated oil massage with organic medicated oils focusing on deep calm whilst releasing tension & rejuvanating energy to the feet, legs, hips, arms, hands, neck & back whilst working across the 107 marma point body network. 

The treatment continues with a full body exfoliating herbal scrub with Ayurvedic organic herbs specific for seasonal harmony to rejuvenate tired skin.    

Concludes with 10 min traditional Steam sauna in our hand crafted Shanti Steam Box 

where the patient is seated and only below the head enjoys the benefits of steam therapy- as your head is out of the box so your brain & lungs are not exposed to intense heat. 

Conditions of booking

Cancelation Policy- We require no less than *48 hours notice prior to start time. Cancellations after this time will void the voucher. 

*Cancellation due to COVID restrictions/ SA Government lockdowns- All bookings will be rescheduled at a suitable time or if preferred, credit vouchers will be sent. No refunds will be issued.  

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