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Dosha balancing

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Health Consult, Full Body Massage & Steam Bath Special.

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Product Details

Your eVoucher & booking coupon code will be sent to your nominated email after purchase. Conditions of booking- our vouchers are non- refundable & are valid for 3 years. WOMEN ONLY CLINIC

Commences with 1:1 health consultation with Lydia at her consultation room in Port Elliot, she has in depth conversation about your current health concerns and offers seasonal easy to follow advice to assist in balancing your mind-body constitution, your dosha.

Lydia clarifies which foods and lifestyle habits need to be introduced gradually to achieve optimal health and well-being, with the inclusion of prescribing relevant Ayurvedic herbs.

You will be sent a detailed treatment plan, which includes; Morning & evening routines, daily meal recommendations, personalised recipes.Our 60 min Abyanga Massage offers deep relaxation and rejuvenation by balancing the mind and body while utilising the therapeutic benefits of warmed Ayurvedic herbal oils from 100% organic plant extracts, no nasties.

All massages are performed by our Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Abhyanga stimulates blood circulation encouraging quick removal of metabolic wastes and providing instant relief to diseases and energy and stamina to last throughout the day.

This deep tissue massage is suitable for everyone and can assist with revitalising immune systems, increasing energy & vitality, assists with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, muscle strains or sprains or bulging disks injuries.

The massage includes; facial massage, belly massage (optional) and includes arms, fingers, feet, toes, legs, hips, arms, back and neck

Concludes with detoxifying Traditional Sauna, Shanti Steam Box, Steam bath.

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